Thank you, Nashville!

Thank you, Nashville! I am humbled that you have entrusted me with the responsibility of leading the city of Nashville over the next four years. For everybody who voted for me, thank you. For everyone else, I will work every day to earn your trust and respect.

One thing I have learned is Nashvillians share the same HOPES — and the same concerns. The decisions we make will determine what kind of city Nashville becomes. Public investments have created a booming downtown, but growth has also brought challenges. Not everyone is benefiting from Nashville’s boom.

It is time for that to change. We need tourism dollars to benefit the city – all of our city. It is time for smart solutions for traffic and affordable housing. It’s time to support our teachers and first responders. It’s time to build a Nashville that works for everyone.

As mayor, I will work every day for you. I’ll be out in neighborhoods, listening to you. My administration will be guided by four core values:

  • Making Nashville a city that works for everybody.
  • Focusing on neighborhoods.
  • Restoring fiscal responsibility.
  • Restoring trust.

To the great people who work hard for Metro every day, I need your ideas and your help. It is my job to support you in our work ahead. To the residents of this great city, I want to hear from you. Let’s use this prosperity to build a great city! I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to lead you. Together, let’s build a Nashville that works for everyone.

Transition Information

John is honored to serve as Nashville’s next mayor and is focusing on his transition to office. If you would be like to be considered for a role in his administration, click the button below and complete the form.

Contact Information

John Cooper is spending the next few weeks transitioning to the role of Mayor. Should you have a scheduling request after the swearing in, click the button below and complete the form.