Nashville needs the truth, not just the trendy. During this campaign, I will be releasing policy statements on a number of major issues facing our city. Nashville needs a leader who understands complexity and has financial knowledge to provide clear direction. Restoring trust through transparency and accountability is crucial for Nashville’s future. For too long, our city has allowed some of our neighbors to be left behind. As your mayor, I will have policies in place to ensure opportunities are provided so that all Nashvillians can thrive. I will support each and every resident, no matter their race, economic status, place of origin, faith tradition, gender, or sexual orientation. The positions below provide an overview of current issues facing our community and ways we can move forward to ensure Nashville becomes a city that truly works for everyone.

I see these as working documents that I am personally researching, number-crunching, and writing. If you have any thoughts or ideas to share, please sign up for a “Coffee with Cooper” so we can discuss. Here is a PDF of my policy platforms.

– John Cooper